A Carrots & Daikon e-Cookbook: Everyday Vietnamese (Pre-Order Now)


Make  your favourite Carrots & Daikon meals at home with our all in one e-cookbook for all your Vietnamese food needs.

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Simple and easy to follow recipes, we hope you can make everyday a Carrots & Daikon kind of day with our fresh, healthy and customisable Vietnamese e-cookbook.

What to expect?

Learn how to make our best selling banh mis, rice boxes, pho noodle soups, fresh summer rolls, crispy spring rolls, all our house sauces and our ever popular proteins, such as our honey caramelised pork, the lemongrass chicken and our sesame garlic tofu.

Our aim?

We didn’t want to leave our wonderful customers empty handed, so we’re creating this e-cookbook to leave a piece of Carrots & Daikon behind in our recipes so that you too can recreate your favourite Vietnamese at home.

Release date?

We’ve planning on officially releasing our e-cookbook on Sunday 11th June 2023, but you can pre-order it now to get the first copy and to be in the chance of winning a bottle of our House Sriracha Sauce and a Free Meal from us.

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